WWS #1: Bad Company (Debut)
  • 10.11.2015

Welcome to the very first What We’re Spinning album review! In these semi-frequent reviews I’ll be giving my opinions on the classics, talking about some of my personal favorites, and reviewing new and interesting albums in the Rock and Roll genre. To kick things off, I thought we’d start with one of my all-time favorite albums by the British supergroup Bad Company.

Bad Company’s self-titled debut album was the very first release on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records, and boy what a way to kick things off. With hit songs like “Can’t Get Enough” and “Movin’ On” and classic rock essentials like “Rock Steady”, “Bad Company,” and “Ready for Love” it’s easy to see how this records hit Platinum FIVE times!

Personally, I love the heavy, steady swing beat of “Can’t Get Enough,” Rogers vocals are absolutely killer in “Rock Steady,” and I don’t think anyone will disagree that “Bad Company” is just pure 70’s rock and roll gold. But what really sold me on this album was it’s very last song, the soulful rock ballad “Seagull,” hands down my favorite BC song of all time.

The album is not perfect however, as it suffers from one to many ballads. Chiefly the longest and slowest song on the album, “The Way I Choose”, which brings the pace of the album to a slow plod. It’s placement is also very poor as you come off of “Bad Company” ready to kick ass and take names, only to be thrown off your horse the instant you hear the oddly jarring, yet sedated intro of the ballad. Luckily things pick up immediately after and you finish strong on perhaps the greatest ending track of 70’s rock (hey it’s my review, if you don’t like it tough shit).

If you don’t already own this album, I highly recommend you pick up the remastered 2015 deluxe-edition as it has a whole second record full of unreleased songs and alternate recordings. It’s also up on Spotify, but let’s face it; nothing beats wax.

Album Score: 9/10 (would of been 10 if not for “The Way I Choose)

– Andrew


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