DIY Amp Knob Magnets
  • 3.14.2016

A couple weeks ago I found these awesome magnets that looked like amp knobs at the Seattle EMP Museum. Super cool right? And I almost bought them too, but they were just a bit too pricey for what they were (especially for just normal-strength magnets).

Fast forward to last night. I was rummaging through my parts drawer when I stumbled across a pack of spare amp knobs. LIGHT BULB! Luckily, I had some magnets on hand from a different DIY project. And not ten minutes later, I had a bunch of sweet amp knob magnets that cost a little less than half of what I would of payed in that store!


STEP 1: Materials

The first thing you’ll need is amp knobs. Depending on the ones you pick, this can change the cost a bit, but on the other hand they’ll be totally custom to you! I ended up going with a Marshall style amp knob like this one.

Second, you’ll need the magnets. I went with these 1/4′ wide super strong rare earth magnets because they fit perfectly in the hole of knobs I picked. They were also a ton stronger than the ones in the pre-manufactured pack of amp knob magnets. I mean, what’s the point of magnets if they can’t even hold up a couple sheets of paper?


Step 2: Assembly

It’s super simple. You take the magnet, insert it in the amp knob, and tighten the screw. That’s it! If you find that the screw isn’t enough to hold the magnet in place (or the knob you picked doesn’t have a screw) superglue would also do the trick just fine.


Step 3: Enjoy!

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