How To Apply Your New NES Controller Faceplate Sticker!
  • 2.8.2017


A quick n’ easy guide for how best to apply your new NES Controller Faceplate Sticker



Step 1: Gather Materials

You’re going to need a couple things before you get started:

  • An original NES or NES Classic Controller (of course)
  • Goo Gone / Nail polish remover / Soapy water
  • Q-tips and/or a paper towel
  • An xacto knife or something sharp to help peel the existing sticker off
  • One of our NES Controller Faceplate Stickers!!




Step 2: Remove Old Sticker

Carefully use the xacto knife or other sharp object to slowly peel back the old sticker.




Step 3: Thoroughly Clean Controller Surface

Use the Goo Gone or other solvent to remove all traces of adhesive residue. Any residue that isn’t removed WILL show through when you place the new sticker on.




Step 4: Carefully Peel and Place New Sticker

Gently position sticker over controller, being careful not to press down too hard until you’re sure the fit is correct. It may take some time and a little bit of repositioning, but the end result is worth it! Enjoy your kickass new controller!

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